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Kayihan Sahinoglu Clinic

Located at the downtown Istanbul, Kayihan Sahinoglu’s clinic is very modern and central. 

The Surgery Suite

Surgeon Clinic Kayihan Sahinoglu
Clinic main picture Kayihan Sahinoglu

Here are pictures of the main surgery suite. With its hygiene and advanced technology, Kayihan Sahinoglu’s clinic provides the essentials for excellent results.

The hygiene and technology are two essentials while choosing a clinic and surgeon. However, a bad result can come out of an amazing facility while a very limited clinic can produce the best results.


Therefore, it is vital to remember that you are looking for a place clean and advanced enough to carry on the procedure.


Choosing the surgeon based on visually impressive pictures can mislead you. Naturally, the clinic is important but it is just the place for the surgery. Focusing too much on the clinic might create problems.

Location Of The Clinic

Kayihan Sahinoglu Clinic Location

Istanbul is beautiful. But there is only one problem with the city: The Traffic. Somedays it gets so bad, it takes four hours to go from one place to another.


Therefore, it is essential to stay a little outside the center while still being very close. Kayihan Sahinoglu‘s clinic is just on that line. From the airport to your hotel, then to the clinic, everything will take less time so that you can concentrate on your surgery.

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