Hair Transplants For Women: Is There Any Difference?

Hair transplants are for women as well. Contrary to public perception, hair loss is a significant problem for women too. According to ISHRS data, patients consulting for a solution to stop their hair loss problem are almost equal in gender. %60 is men while %40 is women. Surprised right? More interestingly, only %33 of the female patients get hair transplants.


That is odd, right? let’s dig into that.


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Why Do Women Lose Hair?


This is a typical guy question. It is difficult for many people to understand that this is an ordinary problem for anyone. But the reason why women, in general, lose less hair is due to the hormone-related and genetic factors.


Genetically, women have a lot less testosterone than guys. This means less DHT fluctuation in their system. Since DHT affects hair follicles adversely and women have a lot less of it, they experience less hair loss and thinning than men.


With the constant production of testosterone, males have higher DHT and tend to lose hair more. Therefore their hair follicles suffer more from the adverse effects of DHT and end up losing more hair than women.


And yet, women lose hair too, and more than you think. Some of the reasons for women hair loss are the same as the man. Stress and nutrition deficiency causes unbalance hormone levels.


Eventually, just like men, they start losing hair. There are also different reasons such as;


  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Extreme Use Of Hair Products


Hair transplants for women Woman_Drying_Hair


Womanly Reasons


 Men don’t get pregnant, experience Menopause and in general, don’t overuse hair products. Moreover, men have a high level of testosterone. That causes DHT levels to drop but when testosterone is lower, DHT rises again. That causes men to lose hair.


On the other hand, women have a very low testosterone level. Therefore, their DHT levels don’t fluctuate as much. We will talk about this further shortly.




The beauty of our nature is the ability to give life to another. Pregnancy is the stage of creating a life which is both difficult and beautiful. For women, it tends to get very challenging.


The reason is, the hormone level changes happen at a very high speed. Sudden changes in the hormone levels affect the body significantly. A lot of different consequences can be observed, and hair loss is one of them.


Hair transplants for women Pregnancy-test



Because of the fluctuation, hair follicles go into the telogen phase. That is, your hair stops regrowing until the pregnancy is over.


Now the problem is, because of extreme stress or hormone change during the pregnancy, some women can’t regrow hair after the birth.


That is a common problem. Especially some severe hair loss happens on either the forehead or on the top of the scalp. Thus, these women experience hair loss and need hair restoration after a while.




Women experience hair loss during and after the menopause. The hormonal imbalance happens because of a lowered production of estrogen. This means female produces more androgen hormone which directly causes hair thinning and loss. 


This hair loss can be temporary or permanent depending on the individual. In some cases, hair regrowth can reoccur because, after the fluctuation, the body can find the balance again and promote a degree of new hair production.


However, in most cases, it is permanent, and some bald spaces can appear on the scalp.


Usually, hair surgeons don’t want to conduct surgery on these patients if the hair loss is not extreme.


The reason is, both the success rate and strength of donor’s hair are less after the age of 45. Since menopause starts around that age, doctors advise alternative solutions, such as Minoxidil or PRP.


Hair transplants for women hair products 

Excessive Use Of Hair Products


Women tend to use more hair products and spend more time shaping or coloring their hair than men. This naturally affects hair follicles negatively. The constant use or spraying of hair agents cause hair roots to become insensitive.


Usually, if a man uses these products as much as a woman does, he loses hair faster. However, women are lucky because their anagen phase occurs a lot slower than men. This means they have each hair follicle for longer.


Despite that advantage, women experience hair loss because of the excessive use of hair products. Notably, some women are less immune to the adverse effects of hair products.


These women may experience hair loss after a while because the anagen phase gets faster.


After a while, hair might not regrow leaving a bald spot on the scalp. In general, genetic factors determine if you fall into this group.


If you are that unlucky lady, then you might consider initiating efforts to prevent hair loss.


In general, doctors would advise alternative methods first, because women have a higher chance of regrowing hair after a period than man.


If the hair regrowth doesn’t happen, they might agree to perform a hair restoration surgery of your choice.


Hair Transplants For Women


Now, if we combine these three factors with the unisex ones, we witness a high potential for hair loss for women. So, if a woman decides to act, the first step is probably trying the alternative methods.


FDA and Canadian officials only approve Minoxidil as an alternative method to stop hair loss. 


However, some clinics also prescribe Finasteride to women if the reason for hair loss is androgenetic (male hormone). They aim to suppress the DHT levels to prevent hair thinning. Otherwise, Finasteride is ineffective for women hair loss.


Our agency recommends Minoxidil and PRP as the first step to stop hair loss. After researching thoroughly, we concluded that these methods work better on women, their outcomes are excellent compared to men.


The reason why we recommend them is, since women get better results with them, they have a higher chance of keeping their hair loss under control. If hair loss stops with Minoxidil use, it is cheaper and easier for women to solve their problem.


PRP is different because it is more expensive. For men, it is, but the results stay very short. After a few sessions, it becomes too costly for a male patient. However, with the women, the effect is longer.


Although we are still in doubt with PRP, we still think it might be your solution.



Best Hair Restoration Method Pros and Cons


FUE and FUT Comparison For Women


If the hair loss is too advanced and hair transplants are the solution, then the type of procedure is more significant for a woman than it is for a man.


The first guess is, since women have longer hair, FUT scar would be invisible and therefore can be a cheap and effective option. That is actually very true. But there is a problem.


Women tend to suffer hair loss either on their hairline or the top of the scalp. This means the surgeon needs more freedom with grafts.


Yes, the visibility of scar is not essential if our lady uses her hair long. But you would be taking the liberty of changing to a short hair from her. If she switches to short hair, her scar will be visible.


Moreover, FUE is far superior in hairline fix surgeries because of the freedom the method gives to its surgeon. A more natural looking hairline will be present if the procedure is FUE.


Even when the recipient area is on the top of the scalp, the surgeon would still need more freedom to plant the implants so that nothing can be seen from the back.


People usually forget that from the front, everything might look good. But it is equally to look normal from the back, and this is what people miss frequently.


Therefore, FUE seems to be a better choice because it gives a more natural look and that is the goal in a woman hair transplant procedure.


Psychological Aspects Of Hair Transplants For Women


  With hair loss, people suffer from physical consequences. However, there is also a psychological part of hair loss.


Depression, anxiety, loss of confidence and fear are the negative emotions women experience with hair loss. We don’t like making a comparison based on gender when it comes to needs, because we believe no one needs are or can be more critical.


With that being said, because women hair loss may come from reasons specific to them, it affects their psychology differently.  This is a vital point.


If a female loses hair due to pregnancy or menopause, then their decision-making mechanism might not function properly. That creates a potential for a problem.


The psychological need for fixing their hair might cause some women to rush their journey. The hormone imbalance causes inconsistency in logic and disturbs strategic thinking. 


Unfortunately, people can take advantage of that. Doctors or clinics may tell you what you want to hear and perform the surgery. And after a while, you might end up realizing what a big mistake you have done.


hair transplants for women


Vitality Of Patience


For these instances, we recommend going through the decision-making process with a close friend or partner. It is essential that someone keeps you off your emotions so that you can use your logic.


It is very natural that you won’t make rational decisions as your hormones are imbalanced. This is understandable, and there is, fortunately, a solution.


It is not easy. But if you can remind yourself that you are doing this for yourself and you deserve the best possible outcome, you can relieve some of the stress. It is an instinct for a woman to look beautiful and this can create a weakness.


That is why it is essential that you have a friend or partner who understands your position and helps you control your emotions.


In the end, people will love you no matter how you look. And you want hair transplants to regain your confidence, and it is personal. Not letting any other thoughts interfere during the decision-making process can improve results dramatically.


The pre and post surgery get a lot easier. The operation itself becomes a less problem. Because if you made up your mind in the beginning, then you are going through all this no matter what.


And it is vital that the whole thing goes smoothly so you can return to your old life as soon as possible.



Finding your hair transplant surgeon you can trust


Finding Your Ideal Surgeon


In the end, we believe finding the ideal surgeon depends on your efforts, not gender. It might be more difficult for you. But the rewards are also great.


If you can stick with positives during the entire process, you will improve your results yourself. That’s a lot of “you”s, but as a strong and independent woman, you have all the power you need to make this the right.


Hair transplant journey is a long one, but it doesn’t need to be painful. All that depends on your mindset. If you decide to do it the right way from the beginning, things will get you to the success gradually.


And we will be here in each step if you require our need in your journey.


Good Luck!