Hair Transplant Costs: The Current Market Facts



Everything comes down to this, how much does hair transplants cost? Naturally, answers people are looking for consists of different numbers, and that is where the story gets confusing. The cost of transplants depends on the procedure type and the clinic you choose. Let’s dig into that!


One graft consists of 1-4 hair follicles in FUT and 2-3 hair follicles in FUE. We strongly advise around 2500 grafts per day for numerous reasons.


However, after surfing lots of forums and websites, we spotted a serious problem in the market. A lot of surgeons and clinics offer special deals and violate 2500 graft per day rule. Is it impossible? Physically it is possible to transplant even more. However, it doesn’t mean you force the job in a single day.


Follicular Unit Extraction post surgery

Why 2000 Grafts Per Day?


Glad you’ve asked! A typical FUE procedure takes 6-10 hours depending on the unique patient and surgeon characteristics. If 2000 grafts are extracted and then transplanted in a single operation, this means moving 4000-6000 hair follicles a day.


If it takes 10 hours to complete the procedure, it means the surgeon moves 400-600 hair follicles an hour without adding the breaks and meal times.


FUE is a very tricky procedure, every single graft matters. Because each successfully extracted and transplanted follicle adds to the overall success of the hair transplant. Therefore, it is essential that the patient doesn’t rush into the surgery.


Now let’s think about 4000 grafts in a day. With simple calculations, your doctor needs to transfer more than a thousand hair follicles per hour. While the pain stress over the scalp the patient feels exponentially increase, the rate of success for each follicle exponentially drops. The chance of having a natural look decreases immediately in the surgery.


Post-Surgery healing process is affected negatively because of the extreme trauma on the scalp. Both the transplanted area and the donor area suffer from extensive damage.


Different Deal Types In The Industry

So, when you research online, you will see some clinics don’t show their prices on their websites’ while other clinics will be offering rates or packages.





Naturally, this causes a lot of confusion for everyone. The main difference between these clinics is in the idea. Offering packages is an easy way for patients to calculate everything.


Plane tickets, accommodation, knowledge of the city, when the clinic offers you solutions as a package for your potential troubles, it is beneficial.


However, in some cases these packages are too good to be true, for a very cheap rate, you get the hair transplant, flight expenses, and accommodation. So, it requires extra attention to the details because you might end up getting a poor hair transplant procedure.


Therefore we always recommend our patients to start thinking from the quality of the transplant procedure, not the ease or financial cheapness of it.


Only Rates


In other cases, clinics only offer their rates, as in per graft value. This is a great way to compare different prices and understand what each doctor offers in quality. However, higher rates don’t necessarily mean higher quality. To know if the rate is right for the outcome, you have to do some research.


You can find a guide here, but we strongly recommend you to confirm the doctor’s qualifications and certifications from related resources. Using ISHRS and ABHRS websites as well as asking the right questions around in forums and other resources may help more than you can imagine.


Only Consultation – No Rates


In the last type, you don’t see any rates online. You have to ask the doctor for a consultation, and he determines the price depending on your hair type and characteristics.


No pre-determined rate type tends to be more accurate with the whole process because the surgeon can observe each unique hair type and decide the necessary effort and grafts precisely. From a business point of view, this style gives the best results.


The potential problem in this typically happens when the communication is not clear. Because there is no written information anywhere, if the patient doesn’t receive detailed information, when there is a problem after, you have a lesser chance of proving your point.


Therefore for this kind of clinics, it is wise to get a written confirmation of significant details.


Hair Plant Cost Countries Comparison

Global Graft Prices


There are major countries leading the hair transplant market in the world. Above, you can see a break-down of the ones with the highest market share in the industry. The United States is leading the industry with 4 billion dollar market share.


A common FUT procedure costs $5 per graft in the United States. Should you choose to go for an FUE, the price goes up to an average of $9 per graft. There are some exceptions in the numbers but nothing essential.


The general quality of each procedure is average, the United States hair transplant market experience a transition from FUT method to FUE method in general. Therefore, surgery quality is not very high currently.


However, they have top-quality facilities and equipment on average.




Turkey has the second most significant market share in this industry, almost a billion a year, provides 350 clinics to the hair transplant market. In general, hospital surgeons choose to go with FUT, and the average price gets as low as 50 cents per graft.


Meanwhile, the experienced and skillful doctors have decided to switch to FUE almost ten years ago. They found out that FUE type surgery had better results and prioritized FUE. An average cost of FUE is $1 in Turkey currently. Turkish clinics have top-quality facilities and equipment, and they seem to be the leaders of the market regarding overall achievement.




India has more market share than Turkey, however, because there are too many black market or doubtful clinics, their market share is questionable. On the other hand, India provides excellent surgeons in both FUE and FUT procedures and deliver low and competitive prices. In India, an average graft costs 50 cents in both types.


The negative side of India is, there is too much aggressive marketing like Turkey, so it is difficult to understand the reality. Therefore if you decide to go to India, make sure you do an extensive research.




Rest Of The World


Other countries like Italy and Brazil have very good surgeons but they are numbered. Each country has very successful doctors, but because the purpose of this article to help people understand the differences in the major countries, we chose not to include them. This doesn’t mean that they are unworthy of research.


We believe there is no such thing as the best country to go for hair transplants, and each has very valuable surgeons in this area.


However, the difficulty in finding these surgeons makes the difference. In the end, getting a hair transplant is not the operation itself only, but a combination of many different things.


Similarly, what makes a surgeon ideal for you is the combination that surgeon offers and matches for your unique case.


Follicular Unit Extraction post surgery


Things To Be Careful With


No matter which country and clinic you pick, it is important to go with the right order. The common mistake we see is, the patient gets a very good deal and then makes the decision because of the deal. Naturally, you want to save money. You are looking for the best option for a possible lowest price within your budget.


So the marketing folks know this fact. They know that under a price limit, patients will come just because the rate is under their price threshold. After carefully collecting data, they will come up with a perfect price to throw you off balance. That is the essential part.


You might get an excellent hair transplant for a very cheap price, but it means that you are lucky. Because with the lower prices, you are actually committing yourself to something risky.


This decision is about your health and if there is a mistake, it will have a strong impact on your life. Sometimes, you don’t see the problem right away, in some cases a year. 


You think everything went well and it was a smart move to take the risk. Unfortunately, after some time you realize there was a mistake made with your implants. Then, you go back to fix it with alternative methods or a new transplants. That is what we try to warn you here. 


After spending so much time and a considerable amount of money, you go back to where you have started. Eventually, you end up spending more time and money.


Choose your hair transplant surgeon


Choosing Your Hair Transplant Surgeon


For these reasons, we believe it is vital to choose your doctor first. If you find a surgeon that feels right, even if you can’t afford him, at least you know what you are looking for.


After seeing many different clinics, we can promise you that there is a similar doctor in the market who would be a cheaper version of what you are looking for. 


Without sacrificing too many expectations, you can get your ideal surgery. Everything comes down to this; Choosing your hair transplant surgeon. In our earlier article “How To Choose Your Hair Transplant Surgeon: The 6-Step Guide” we shared a strategy you can implement for your case.


Building a strategy can dramatically increase your chances of getting what you want in the end. Because building a solid strategy and then sticking with it brings consistency. Moreover, you can respond more effectively to problems if you encounter any.


Because some problems can not be fixed with money. And, if you begin your journey to save money, you will end up spending at least twice of what you have saved. Therefore, when you make comparisons of different countries and prices, you might want to remember this truth.


Hair Transplant Cost

You Will Determine Costs


If you are looking for prices, you can find a lot of them looking around. But the cost of the hair transplant depends entirely on you. You will choose how much it costs when you choose your clinic. If you only think about the cost, you will have bad hair every day.


The ultimate conclusion in this topic is, increasing your research efforts has a positive impact on the results after. Spending a little more time, looking a little more might get you a better deal, financially or quality-wise. When you get through the first shock, you will realize that you have the money and motivation, so you have all the power you need to make this worth it.


Everyone wants to find a surgeon with the least cost and best results, and if you research thoroughly, you can get something for a lower price and better at the end. And if you need help, we are always here to help =)


Good Luck!


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