How To Find A Hair Surgeon You Can Trust: Meeting Kayihan Sahinoglu


You realized it is a mess out there, right? From the moment you decide to get a hair transplant, you probably kept seeing a lot of information, reviews, and ads but you can’t decide who to trust or which way to follow.


Earlier, we tried to help you with our article “How To Choose Your Hair Transplant Surgeon” and provided you with some tips, but now we will go one step further. Let us tell you the story of how we found our surgeon that we can trust. 


Importance of the Extraction Grafts

Learning The World Of Hair Transplants


Right after you stepped into the world of hair implants, you will realize there is a severe commotion everywhere. Since you just started to collect data cognitively, you will see a madness going out there.


People are arguing in the forums, asking questions and a lot of different ideas expressed, you will get confused soon.


Today, it is perfectly reasonable that everyone tries to protect their right because it is a crazy world out there. This leads you to a constant need for calculating costs and benefits together.


One of the first questions on your mind will be “how much do hair implants cost?” and your search for the answer will bring you to many different places.


Because everything revolves around costs, you will soon realize, the cost of it will determine the method you choose, and this will be an early decision you have to make. 


FUT - FUE comparison and differences



Some will claim one method is better over and give you reasons for their ideas. You will see a lot of ads from each side, but the bottom line will be, there is no such thing as the best hair restoration method.


As there is no best food or colors, it depends on the unique needs and tastes. So, soon you will compare both ways and make a decision based on what you need and can afford. 



It’s Time To Choose A Surgeon


Eventually, you will come to the stage where you will find yourself looking at before after pictures of each surgeon. You will have some idea about the costs and what type of hair transplants you want. Still confused, you will keep considering different options.


You will wish for some magical advice from the future or supernatural things. But in the end, you will make the decision yourself. The question you need the answer for will probably be “how do I know who to trust?” or “how do I get to the best possible end?” 


The cost, the method or the country, this whole thing comes down to finding the ideal surgeon that you can trust. The money you spend will be spent well if the surgeon does a good job.


The method you choose will be the right choice only if the surgeon does a good job. The place you traveled, will be the best place to visit if he does his job well.


Importance of the Extraction Surgeon vs Technician


What’s A “Good” Job?


Glad you have asked. How do you know if your surgeon did well? It is common sense and something you already know; if your surgeon performed the surgery for the money you agreed to pay while your hair looks better than you have expected in the end, he has done well. That is the basic equation for defining the performance of the surgeon.

Finding a hair surgeon you can trust

The Importance of Ethics


But we found out that there is an additional value in the equation. From the first time you talk to your doctor, until the moment you no longer need him, it is essential that your surgeon remains in the ethical boundaries.


We know that ethics depend on the individual but, if your surgeon can apply the international ethics rules, then you will have found something even more valuable.


If your surgeon is honest and transparent in the communications of any kind, this creates trust. You will realize that the reason you are reading the reviews is that you are still trying to understand if you can trust him.


It is not easy to believe a person who will change the way you look for the rest of your life, even if your surgeon is affordable and skilled, you will still need to trust he will be consistent with who he appears to be.


Now, this brings us to how we knew we could trust our surgeon, Kayihan Sahinoglu.



Finding a hair surgeon you can trust balance


Finding The Perfect Combination


As young entrepreneurs, we dreamed of starting a business for a very long time. Our dream was, no matter what we do, a company where we knew we were doing the right thing. It didn’t matter if we sold an idea or product, we always wanted to be at the light side of things. 


After spotting the need, we decided we could help North America to get hair transplants for a lower cost while increasing or to maintain the quality.


Because the prices are very high here, there are people out there who need to restore their hair, but they are stuck with saving a lot of money to afford the procedure. If they knew there was a better option, would they want to know about it?


That question is the reason why you are reading this article today, and this library exists. We did not want a simple blog page to explain things to rank higher on Google; we wanted to create an online hair library where you can feel safe.


We didn’t post everything we can find to attract more people; we wanted when the people come, they can get only the information they need fast.


We believe less is more.


Difficult Times


We were all set with the website and everything, but the problem was finding the doctor. Like you feel for your situation now, we felt unsafe in the market. Not knowing how to find a surgeon we can trust, we talked to many doctors.


After a while, it felt like this was a false hope because staying on the light side of the things was very hard without the right surgeon. And as usual, the moment we lost our faith, we found the solution.



Certificates and qualifications of Kayihan Sahinoglu


Kayihan Sahinoglu


Finding a skilled surgeon is not very difficult. By now, in your research results, you probably have a lot of experienced surgeons already. It was the same for us too, but when we found Kayihan Sahinoglu, it was the first time we had a surgeon with high skills and integrity. 


After a few times talking, we convinced him to work with us. The only thing he asked for was being honest and concentrating only on what we could do rather than what others were doing.


When your star player is honest and focuses only on his own game, that is how a “Kobe Bryant” is born. Every star you have ever known, if you look carefully, you will see that they all were honest people doing only their jobs. You never hear Kobe arguing opponents or blaming the referees when things go wrong.


Because if you concentrate on what others do or don’t, you are no longer in the game.


Similar with stars, this rule applies for the surgeons and lawyers as well. The moment they stop being ethical, no matter how talented they are, their methods cause problems for the people they serve.


It might not be the first person they work for, but eventually, they fail someone. We knew this very well. We understand that this might be your inner fear as well.


Deep inside, you might be analyzing the risks to see if you want to go with someone like that. Our opinion is, it is not worth it.




Importance of the Extraction Analysis

You Can Know You Can Trust Your Surgeon


when you start talking to him. When you first ask for a consultation, it is very official. It was the same in our case. You will experience a lot of suspicion and excitement at the same time.


If you feel like this doctor cares about what he does, then you might trust him. But if he keeps the attitude no matter how challenging you are, then you know you can believe him. 


When your surgeon doesn’t see you as a mean of income, you realize a lot of personal input. There is a difference between copying and pasting answers and carefully examining each and writing answers for each case.


If your surgeon doesn’t spend the time to understand what you need, how can you know he will care for the extraction of each graft. People think those are different things, but the idea is the same.


In our case, it was a chance to have met Kayihan Sahinoglu because he wanted us to ask him everything. No matter how many requests there are for consultations, we have to send them to him.


Because he believes surgeons shouldn’t be too busy for patients. That is essential for our work to be successful, but it is also critical for the patient to get the maximum out of the surgery.


Importance of the Extraction Make Your Own Research

Research Proves Even More


You might think that the most critical part of getting a hair transplant is restoring your hair. But in many cases, patients realize that the communication and trust between them and their surgeon was the key.


If you are at the stage of finding your surgeon, you might want to anticipate what would happen if things go wrong.


Even the best make mistakes sometimes. The real value of something can be seen only in the worst situation. When we checked his reviews, we saw what made him special was his care for the patient’s concerns.


After all, this process is not only physical, but it is also psychological. Managing the psychology of the patient while changing his physical state is pure skill.


And we would like to thank him for attending patients’ concerns and questions even after a year of surgery. These are the reasons why we knew Kayihan Sahinoglu was the surgeon we could trust and recommend confidently.


Another Method


when you are trying to decide if you can trust your doctor, a useful method would be reading the signals. Since your communication is over the internet, you can concentrate on the details he provides.


An answer that looks ordinary and short means less passion for the task. If the response contains only essential information with care, this is something golden.


It is hard to trust; there is no way to know if your decision will lead to the ideal outcome. The best you can do is knowing you have done your best to analyze everything and came up with the best option from the possibilities.


Therefore, as we always do, everything comes down to this; 



Finding a hair surgeon you can trust do it right the first time

Do it right, Do it once


For the best results, doing extensive research increases your chance to reach the best outcome. Rushing your decision to be over with the stressful process tends to lead to poor results. The total money spent depends on the outcome of the decision.


If you make a mistake, saving a few hundred dollars the first time won’t mean anything as you will end up spending more on fixing that the second time. That is why we say do it right the first time. If you do it the right way, there won’t be a second time, and that itself is a significant win.



Finding a hair surgeon you can trust your instincts

Trust Your Instincts


 This is the story of how we meet the surgeon we can trust. It was challenging to put faith in someone enough to take the responsibility of recommending him. It was not easy, but in the end, we found our surgeon. That is the last thing you might want to consider.


Choosing your doctor as if you are recommending the doctor for the ones you care about might mean you’ve found your surgeon. If you trust what you see enough to take responsibility for it, then your decision gets less stressful. 


So far, we only have one surgeon we trust enough to recommend. We are working hard to bring more surgeons of the same caliber, but it takes time.


It takes a lot of time to build trust. Until we find something we are sure, we will take our time. That helped us make the right choice and might provide you with the same benefits.


Because sooner or later, you will have to choose a surgeon. That will be the critical moment of your journey. The ending depends on you, and with patience and knowledge, you can write the best end you deserve.


And we will be here to help you as much as we can towards that right ending.


Good Luck!


How To Choose Your Hair Transplant Surgeon