Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices


Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices


Hair transplant cost in the UK and North America are what people are searching for the most these days. Roughly, 16 million people are suffering from hair loss. Naturally, this creates a huge market for hair restoration. And with the demand increasing, the price of per graft gets higher.


In the end, it is very difficult to find a clinic within your budget. Or is it? There are a couple of options you have even if you don’t have a five-figure budget.


Let’s see hair transplant costs in the UK and North America and what options you have.

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Hair Transplant Cost in the UK


Hair transplants can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $50,000 in American Dollars in the UK. This is a massive range. When there is so much difference between the low and high limits, people tend to need guidance. 


First, having a procedure with the least rate per graft doesn’t mean you will get bad hair. But it means, your chances of not having the look you want in the end is higher.


Furthermore, getting the most expensive procedure will not guarantee the best possible look, it means overall the clinic is more consistent with results. 


More importantly, no matter the cost, you are looking for a natural looking hair. It doesn’t matter if your procedure costs less if you are not satisfied with the results. Therefore, the first thing you should be looking for is the quality of the operation.


What happens if you don’t? Now, this is the painful part. If you can’t build an internal balance between cost and quality, you will end up either paying too much for what you were not looking for, or paying too little for the same ending.


Therefore, finding the right balance will get you to the right place in the end.


The Best Clinics In The UK

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices clinics

Now, we are going to announce the best clinics in the UK. There is none. As we explained from the beginning, there is no best clinic or list. If you see any lists or comparisons, stay away from there.


Someone can say a doctor is very successful because of that surgeon’s results. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the doctor is the ideal person for you. That is the key point.


Every clinic has their rate and then discounts. If we make a comparison of prices here, there is a high chance of making a mistake because you might get a better discount or no discount at all.


Therefore, we believe it is better to guide you to make your calculations for your unique case rather than just giving you numbers and names. That might seem easier for you, but in the end, things will get harder.

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices

How Do I Find The Best Price?


We believe in teaching people how to do it themselves. Because we have only one surgeon we can recommend. And there are thousands of people out there looking for a hair surgeon.


So, we can only solve a couple hundred peoples hair loss problem in a year. We want to help the remaining millions. that is why we will give you our method to calculate costs.


You begin with finding a lot of clinics from the areas you might be okay to travel to. If you don’t want to fly, then you would be looking for places around where you live.


You want to travel, then you select the countries first and then find clinics. This is where people make the mistake.


People generally find deals first. Either the price is too tempting or their desire to get hair transplants is too strong, they commit to a surgeon. We have seen many pictures of people’s hair with irrational, asymmetrical or not dense.


The common failure in all is that the patient started their journey from the wrong point. Naturally, that affects the outcome of your entire journey.


The Power Of The Right Path

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices Path

Our experience has shown that the optimal path begins with the country selection. If you want to get the procedure done in the UK or North America, your price is anywhere between $2,000 to $50,000.


If you are okay with traveling to other countries, Turkey and Brasil would be the second and third options. Their prices are between $1500 and $15,000.


If you want to pick Mexico or India, you are looking at between $1000 to $8000. Now, we give you a secret. If you compare prices, your expectation is the UK and the United States leads in quality.


And Mexico and India would preferably be the last choice. That is wrong.


Compared thousands of results and prices, we have seen the reality. There is a weak correlation between rate and result. In so many cases, the higher price doesn’t bring the best outcome. Similarly, a lot of cheap options provided the impressive outcomes.


We concluded, the price shouldn’t be the main component of your decision-making process. 

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices decision

Finding The Right Clinic


Finding the right clinic should be your beginning point. If you find a clinic with results satisfying results and affordable price, you are one step closer to success.


If you can validate the clinic, and make sure they are true to what they show online, you have found it. We must warn you though, there are only a few places like that and the rest is likely to turn out to be a deception. 


There is a second possibility, you find a clinic you like, but can’ afford it. It is okay. Even if you can’t go on with the process, at least you have a real example of what you are looking for. Your research is %95 complete.


You just need to find a similar place where probably the surgeon will have less experience or fame. 


There is one thing we want to warn you; that is, don’t get attached to your clinic before you know everything. In many cases, the patient gets attached to the clinic. Some of the patients get even protective about their surgeon.


That is a very important sign that you should slow down immediately. Being protective means you get attached to the idea that you are safe. In a market like this, you are never safe. In fact, now you are in more danger because your feelings got in the way.


You should shake off!


Remember Your Goal


Stick with your plan. If you don’t have a plan at the beginning, you are in danger. Because %80 of marketing out there is designed to go after you specifically.


Marketing people know that it is pointless to work toward people who have a plan, they are generally immune to the tactics.


However, that new patient who has just decided to get hair transplants, that is fresh meat. They know that their words can trigger feelings of that person. Once they get in your head, you will be pulled towards a mistake.


However, if you have a goal and plan at the beginning of your journey, you are immune.


Package deals, shock deals and, fancy new procedure names can’t affect you because you have already sufficient knowledge about everything and a solid plan.


 Hair transplant cost in UK


Why Clinic Comes First?


Because, if you find your ideal clinic, you will know that they won’t trick you. It is essential to understand the function of the clinic. It is not just a place you go to have your implants, no. 

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices whyA clinic represents many elements. These are our famous warnings. You need a confirmation on who will perform the surgery. If you are okay with a technician, then confirmation of that.


If you agree to pay for the surgeon, then that confirmation. If you don’t confirm that, the surgery day, you might end up devastated when you find out you paid for the technician and came all the way for that. 


The right clinic will make sure that your wishes come first. Your surgeon will listen to what’s on your mind and deliver that. If there is a problem with what you have asked, he will tell you why it shouldn’t be done.


Empathy is essential in your relationship. If you can’t communicate well then this whole thing will be problematic.


 When you find the right clinic, you will also have the support after your surgery. In most cases, after the surgery is completed, your communication with the clinic isn’t very effective. And sometimes that is because of the clinic’s ideology.


Other times, because they are very busy and understaffed. In both cases, this is not your problem. You are as important as the next patient in the line for a procedure after you. When you find your ideal clinic, that is no longer a problem.

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices US flag

Hair Transplant Cost In North America


It is the same story. You can change the location as many times as you can, the answer is always the same. Cost should only be an idea. 


First, you should get an initial idea about the cost, then the next time you consider cost should be while negotiating the clinic. If you keep thinking about costs, you will prone to making mistakes.


Choosing Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

Earlier, we have written an article regarding the process of choosing your hair transplant surgeon. “How To Choose Your Hair Transplant Surgeon” helps you understand the process and guides you building your own strategy.


That guide is only a suggestion. Your case is unique and therefore, your strategy should be as well. 


What we try to achieve here is, creating awareness. The only way a market can correct itself is through educating the consumers. We purely believe the power of the consumer.


Thus, when you have a purchasing strategy, the cheap marketing tricks won’t work on you.


This means, clinics will give to perform better, marketers should advertise honestly. When that happens, the market becomes more useful for everyone.


Our sole intention is to never see a patient with over-harvesting again. Or, a patient traveling for hours to only find out he was cheated. 


And the only thing we can do is writing and hoping that you understand how valuable you are and you should learn to protect yourself. This way, when you see hair transplant costs in the UK, or Germany, or Morocco, you will think about clinics first.


When you do that, and the others follow, people won’t have to worry about anything anymore and the chaos in the market will be over.


We Hope


That by the end of this article, you feel better about your strategy. Because being aware of the threats and tricks, you have a better understanding of your journey.


We are sorry that we choose not providing you hair transplant costs in the UK with affordable prices. But this ay, after reading this article, you will no longer click for the prices but will click for the clinics.


Finding your hair transplant surgeon you can trust


Just in case you need a little information about how to find a surgeon you can trust, here is our story of how we found Kayihan Sahinoglu. We hope that this story helps you finding your surgeon you can trust. Because in the end, it makes the difference.


We hope that you stay strong through the process and focus on the most important details rather than swinging between different ideas.


The best we can recommend is, prioritizing the most significant step for you, and build your plan around it. If you need help achieving that, you can ask our team for anything, we are always around the help!


Good Luck!

Hair Transplant Center Of The World: Istanbul

Hair Transplant Center Of The World: Istanbul

The Hair Transplant Center Of The World: Istanbul


In the last ten years, the hair transplant industry shifted towards a new city. With its top-notch facilities, doctors, and beauty,


Istanbul became the hair transplant center of Europe and then eventually the world. Today, when it comes to hair transplants, Istanbul is one of the most searched cities in the world according to the statistics. In this article, we will give you all the details you need to know about Istanbul. Let’s begin!



Hair Transplant center of the world infographic 2

Second Biggest Market In The World


Global hair transplant market is now closer to 6 Billion Dollars a year. Naturally, the leader in the industry is the United States. They lead the market with 4 billion dollars share. Turkey comes in second after, with a billion dollar of market share.

Compared to the United States, Turkey only contributes to the market with a few cities and the primary contributor by far is Istanbul. With over two hundred clinics, Istanbul hosts thousands of hair transplant patients weekly.

And people wonder why this is the case. Numerous factors are leading to Istanbul’s share increase in the market.


  • Competitive Prices
  • Great Education in Health
  • Top-quality Facilities
  • A City of History, Culture, and Food





Competitive Prices Compared To Other Cities


In a previous article, we shared a breakdown of different prices from different major hair transplant countries. The first reason why Istanbul has the hair transplant center of the world title is its competitive prices.


In North America, an average price for a FUT operation is more expensive than an FUE operation in Istanbul. Naturally, this confuses a lot of people about the quality of hair transplants in Istanbul. This is the tricky part.


1 American Dollar equals 5.5 Turkish Liras. The sudden change and devaluation of Turkish Lira have given a significant chance for foreign investors to buy products and services from Turkey cheaper.


Over a short period, foreign financial power in Turkey got stronger. Since you supply the grafts from you, there is a little variable cost in operation. Therefore, nothing increased the prices of the hair transplant procedure in Istanbul.


However, the surgeons had to react to this sudden change. This price difference presented them with an opportunity to increase their revenues.


They kept their prices the same, and because of the shift in Turkish Lira, their income increased. Therefore a lot of places are offering very cheap prices compared to other countries.



Hair Transplant Center Istanbul

This doesn’t mean that every clinic you find is good. On the contrary, this means foreign people looking for hair transplants should be more careful.


Because unfortunately some clinics realized the potential and started to hire technicians to perform more surgeries per day.


That dropped the average quality of work done in Istanbul in some clinics. Therefore, people considering getting a hair transplant in Istanbul should be more careful.


The prices are a perfect opportunity but only if you do your research well and make sure that your doctor will be performing the surgery personally. If you agree to get it from a technician, then please at least make sure that he will supervise.


If you can find a surgeon in your terms, there is no better city than the hair transplant center Istanbul to get your new hair regarding finances.




Quality Of The Doctor Education


Turkey’s education in health is one of the best in the world. Every new day, Turkish doctors find new ways to cure diseases and patients in many different areas.


Their innovative skills come from the successful health schools of Turkey. Every doctor in Turkey knows to speak in English; they spend at least one year abroad to improve their medical skills and learn new things.


When it comes to hair transplants, the story might be a little different. Unfortunately, in hair transplant market there are some doctors with a lack of ethics in their profession.


Like in any other country, this is normal because every individual is different from one another. That is why you should be careful when finding your surgeon in Istanbul.


One of the main subjects of ISHRS is the black market. Some doctors or technicians illegally perform hair transplant operations. Because the prices are meager, this creates demand.


Just as a warning, try to be careful with the diplomas and check your surgeon’s active status if you can.



Certificates and qualifications of Kayihan Sahinoglu


How Do I Find A Decent Surgeon Then?


What we recommend is, while considering the prices, also try to review qualifications and certifications. If your doctor claims to be a part of ISHRS or ABHRS, check the websites and ask these organizations for confirmation.


They are non-commercial organizations, so their existence serves the purpose of helping people to have better transplants. They will be more than happy to help you.


The second thing you can do is, asking for the details of the operation. In most cases, if the surgeon gives you a vague roadmap, that’s when you should consider being more careful.


If you want the surgeon to perform the entire surgery, make sure your doctor confirms it. Usually, the surgeons who operate personally tell you this info specifically.


The other doctors will comment on how many grafts you need, where the donor area will be and how much it will cost to you. As you can see, there is no definite confirmation of who will be doing all this here.


So, to prevent confusion, it is always safe to ask for a confirmation.


If you are okay with the technician performing the surgery, then asking if the surgeon will supervise the operation is an important thing to remember.


The Reason Is


A lot of people go to Istanbul without any confirmation. From our point of view in the health market, such evidence shouldn’t be necessary. However, some clinics operate this way.


Therefore when the patient doesn’t get confirmation, and the operation begins, it is too late to do anything. After that point, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is.


A lot of people feel frustrated and devastated, and we intend only to prevent that. This is the reason why we recommend getting a full and detailed confirmation the surgery.


Surgeon Clinic Kayihan Sahinoglu


Top-Quality Facilities


One of the primary reasons why Istanbul became the hair transplant center of the world is, the average quality of the facilities. From the equipment to the hygiene, the majority of clinics have top-quality facilities. 


The Turkish Ministry of Health regularly checks the clinics, and especially in the last years, they got more strict with their rules.


They are aware that Turkey is becoming a center for hair transplants and want to make sure that the patients go under surgery in the highest possible conditions.


There are severe penalties for not complying with the rules, and this adds more quality to overall hair transplant market in the country.




Istanbul Food


The City of History, Culture, and Food


So far, we tried to explain you the tricks of the city when it comes to surgery. However, if you choose Istanbul to have your hair transplant operation, you will be spending a week in the city. This will give you the chance to experience many different things while you are there.


We know that most of your concentration is on the surgery, but that will change when you see the city. After your surgery is complete, you will rest a day to recover from the procedure.


Then, you will have a few days to spend in the city while you become fit to fly back home. This will be the fun part because you will realize you are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Depending on your interests, you have a variety of options. If you like to know about the history of many civilizations from the old ages, you can visit many different places to do so.


From the ancient Greek times, Istanbul was a center of culture and there are many ancient buildings and artifacts you can see. If you are interested in Ottoman Empire history, then you can visit many mosques, buildings, and markets to get the feeling of those times.




Hair transplant center of the world infographic


Food and Culture


Istanbul hosts many different food cultures from the continents around. Famous for many different kinds of food, Turkey has a vibrant culture of combining different tastes and creating unique experiences. If you like meat, you can eat fish or doner or kebap.


If you are a vegetarian, you are lucky because Turkey has a Mediterranean kitchen with a lot of different vegetables and fruits.


If you like desserts, Turkey has the best desserts with a profound collection of different ingredients from Anatolia and Europe. No matter what you want, there is something for your taste in Istanbul.


Bosphorus and Istanbul

Bosporus and Sea


The unique geography of Istanbul makes the city different than anywhere you have seen before. Three bridges connect Europe and Asia with the sea lines, and you have the best view of the world.


When you look at the beauty of Bosporus, you understand why all the battles took place in the history of Istanbul.


Dining in a restaurant by the Bosporus is a unique experience you will have if you go to Istanbul for your hair restoration operation.


There are many more things to discover in Istanbul. Once you are there, you will have the chance to experience them. We know that spending first days after the hair transplant surgery in Istanbul will be very interesting for you.


We will be providing you with a guide, later on, to explain deeper the different options.


But even the pictures speak a lot without any explanation. If you chose Istanbul as your hair transplant destination, you made the right choice. We hope that you find your ideal doctor there and have a wonderful time.


Good Luck!


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