Everything You Want To Know About Hair Transplants: 34 Questions Answered

Everything You Want To Know About Hair Transplants: 34 Questions Answered


Everything You Want To Know About Hair Transplants: 34 Questions Answered


You asked, we answered! These 34 answers to most asked 34 questions are quick responses for the basic information. However, for more information, you can go to our Online Library and find any information you seek there!


Why Does Hair Fall After The Surgery?


After the surgery, your hair starts to fall because of the shock. Biologically, when anything is moved in our body, the acceptance of that new piece depends on the new area. That is why you can donate your organs but only a few people can have them.


When the tissues don’t match, the body reacts fiercely to get rid of the newcomer. As a result, the new agents leave the body. In hair transplant terms, your hair root is accepted to the new area immediately because it has the perfect capability to adapt the area as tissues are seen as same.


However, hair follicles cause a reaction to the body because they are not similar. Moreover, it takes a while for hair roots to become active. Ultimately, you experience shedding after 3-4 weeks of the surgery.


People consider shedding as a problem. In fact, shedding is the signal that your hair is in the telogen phase. Telogen phase is the rest phase of follicles and usually takes around three months.


With the beginning of anagen phase, you begin to see little hair growing, which gets thicker every month.


For More Information: Hair Transplant Timeline: The Tips and Essentials


Why Do I Have Pimples After The Surgery?


There might be many different reasons.


  • Your scalp might react to the equipment used during the surgery.
  • Your scalp might be in need of nutrition.
  • Your scalp might be too dry.
  • You might have an allergic reaction.

Pimples are not important as long as they are too many in numbers or cover a specific area. However, if they seem to be out of control, you should immediately talk to your doctor.


Minoxidil Hair Loss Stop

Why Do I Use Minoxidil After Surgery?


For More Information: The Solution To The Hair Loss Problem: Finasteride – Or, Is It?


As we have covered this question earlier in the article above, let’s briefly explain why Minoxidil use is common post-surgery.


Minoxidil causes almost no side-effects. It nurtures the scalp and boosts hair growth. The effect of the boost is not very strong but it slows down hair loss.


Minoxidil does not promote hair regrowth. But because it prevents hair loss, you might think you have new hair growing. What actually happens is, after falling, your hair regrows and with Minoxidil, less hair falls.


As a result, you believe hair loss stopped. In reality, your hair loss is probably still progressing.


Since Minoxidil has no side-effects and helps you slowing hair loss down, doctors prescribe it to improve results. In many cases, Finasteride is also recommended. These two can create a temporary denser look depending on individuals.


Hair transplant timeline main

Why Do I Experience Itching/Swelling After The Surgery?


You experience itching because simply you are healing. It is a good sign that your recovery stage is on and normal. As the scalp recovers, we feel itching on the scalp.


It is essential not to touch the itching area. You would damage your scalp and reduce hair growth in the area. If the itching is too strong, please contact your doctor.


You experience the swelling because anaesthetics are given to you during your surgery and they should be thrown out. After the surgery, 24 hours, you start experiencing swelling.


That is the way for your body to remove the liquids externally. It might be strong, but the faster it happens, the sooner you are done with that stage.


Usually, it doesn’t go more than a week and if you still have it after, you should contact your surgeon.


Why Does Hair Transplant Work?


Because you move one part of your body to another part. It is like moving skin from one area to another. Technically, your body is rich with options to move things around to cover for any problems.


Your teeth, skin and hair can be moved around and as long as tissues can support, the transfer would be successful. That is the case with hair follicles as well.


If you move hair roots anywhere on the scalp, they will attach to their new place and start working. That is the reason why people who don’t have beard can their hair from their scalp moved to your face and start growing facial hair.


Since hair roots are given all the necessary conditions in the new area, they work perfectly there.


Finasteride Side-effects

Why Is There Side-Effects of Hair Transplants?


There is no side-effect of hair transplants. There are side-effects of hair transplant surgery, which are not permanent. Finasteride and Minoxidil can cause side-effects, not hair transplants.


After the surgery, you might experience bleeding, swelling, itching or, bruises. As in every type of operation, they are part of the healing process and surgeons expect to see them.


Why Is Hair Transplant Bad/Fails?


Good or bad is relative and depends on the person and the case. If you believe you have bad transplants, it is either because of your clinic choice or, your hair/scalp characteristics.


Some doctors are not good at this task and they still do it. It is not only about the skill, but there are also many things you need to think when accepting a patient. Sometimes because of overharvesting, sometimes poor planning, you end up having a bad look.


The other possible reason is, your hair/scalp characteristics were not fit for a procedure but you had the surgery anyway. If your hair is not suitable for transplantation, that is because your hair follicles are too thin.


Naturally, after surgery, the new growing hair is not thick enough to look good and you consider the implants to be bad.


The reason why transplants fail is that of a technical mistake made by the surgeon or technician. The success rate of hair transplants is around 95%. So, that 5% which fails is because of wrong harvesting, poor planting or, conducting the surgery although the patient’s hair and scalp characteristics are not suitable.


Hair Transplants in Turkey Main


 Why Should I Choose Turkey For Hair Transplant Procedure?


Reasons are numerous. First, it is cheap. You find a decent surgeon with a rate of 1-3 EUR per graft. Compared to North America and Europe, the price is very cheap.


Moreover, surgeon quality is as high as other countries if it is not better. Turkish surgeons are very successful in their profession and if you pick carefully, they seem to be the best option for hair transplants.


Additionally, Turkey is a beautiful country. The terror attacks stopped years ago and the country is quite safe now. Once you are there, until you fly back, you can enjoy the beauty of the country.


The clinics are equipped with the best technology. Facilities are clean and comfortable. Also, clinics help you with anything you need so you just concentrate on your procedure.

For More Information: Hair Transplant In Turkey: Costs And More


Istanbul hair transplant center of the world

How Much Do Hair Transplants Cost In Turkey?


There is a wide range for the cost of transplants. The decent clinics charge somewhere between 1 and 3 dollars per graft. If you choose to go with a package plan, it can cost as little as $1500.


Here is a guide where we explained what to do and be careful with.

For More Information: Hair Transplant Center Of The World: Istanbul


How Much Does Hair Transplants Cost In Canada and US?


In Canada and the US, FUE type of transplants cost $15,000 on average. Depending on the graft need, this number might increase further. Price per graft is around $8. If you choose to go with FUT, then it is 40% less, around $5.


Hair Transplant Success Rate_ How Do Hair Transplants Work_

How Long Do Hair Transplants Last?


They are permanent. They last forever. Because the hair roots are transferred during the procedure, your scalp regains the ability to regrow hair. As a result, you constantly produce new hair follicles.

For More Information: Hair Transplant Success Rate: How Do Hair Transplants Work?


Receding Hairline Fix Surgery_ First Levels Of The Norwood Scale (1)

Can Hair Transplants Increase Density?


Yes, they can. In fact, the purpose of the procedure is to get the hair to a bald area and make it seem as dense as possible. While determining the success of surgery, we usually look at the density of hair to rate the results.


However, patients should be careful with the density. Especially in receding hairline fix surgeries, we see a common mistake where for more density, surgeons overuse grafts.


You get a dense hair but lose most of your donor hair supply which you need in the future if your hair loss progresses. Because of the bad look with the bald area in between forehead and back of the head, you have no choice but to get a second surgery.


If your limited supply was used excessively for the first procedure, then you have a problem.

For More Information: Receding Hairline Fix Surgery: First Stages Of The Norwood Scale


Can Hair Transplant Scars Be Removed?


Unfortunately, no. Hair Transplant scar occurs during a FUT procedure. And unfortunately a scar cannot be removed, but it can be covered. You have two options,

  • PRP
  • A New FUE procedure


You can have PRP sessions to cover the area. After ten sessions, your scar takes the same color as the original. Also, PRP improves hair growth and can temporarily help you.


If you are looking for a permanent solution, we recommend an FUE procedure. This procedure doesn’t require any scar and can be used to cover the area where you have the linear mark.


Can Hair Transplants Cover The Whole Head?


Yes, they can. Hair transplants can cover the entire bald area on the scalp. As long as there is donor hair and scalp characteristics are suitable for surgery, this procedure can take place.


Can Hair Transplants Treat Alopecia?


Yes, it can. A transplant procedure can be used to cover a recipient area affected by the alopecia. In fact, that is one of the main reasons why hair transplants were needed in the first place.


As long as patients hair and scalp characteristics are suitable for a procedure, the operation can take place to fill the bald area.


Can Hair Transplant Be Done Without Shaving The Head?


Yes, it can be done this way. Every surgeon can conduct the surgery without shaving the head too. However, it is risky. Your hair is an excellent environment for bacteria and viruses to reproduce.


Since you will have small wounds after the surgery, even if you use antibiotics, your scalp will be vulnerable to external factors. Therefore, we strongly recommend getting the surgery with your head shaved.


Can Hair Transplant Fail?


Hair transplants may fail depending on some conditions. If the extraction quality is poor or processed wrong, there is a possibility that you won’t grow hair. Moreover, in some very rare cases, we see people not being able to grow hair.


For some reason, these people’s hair can’t get past the telogen phase and start anagen phase where you start growing hair. Or, sometimes they grow hair for a few months and lose it again.


The major factor there would be DHT level or poor genetics. But again, we see these cases very rarely.


Can Hair Transplant Cure Baldness?


Yes, it is designed to help people with hair loss problem. If you get the surgery done right, you have a permanent solution for your hair loss problem.


Can Hair Transplants Be Done On A Thinning Hair?


Yes, that is one of the reasons why hair transplants are done. To bring a denser look to the thinning area, your surgeon can conduct surgery and give your hair a dense and natural look.


We strongly recommend getting an FUE procedure for these cases as this technique gives the surgeon more room for a more aesthetic look.


Can Hair Transplants Damage Existing Hair?


Yes, they can. If your surgeon chooses to go for aggressive harvesting, overharvests or, conducts a poor FUT procedure, there is a significant possibility of damaging the existing hair.


Especially, in FUT procedures, we witness many cases where the linear scar is too obvious because of poor extraction and that leaves a mark behind the head.


Because of this scar, you can have your hair short; otherwise, it is an obvious linear mark that everyone sees.


Also, in cases where the surgeon overharvests, your donor hair area seems obviously open and anyone can tell that you had a hair transplant operation.


Therefore, choosing your surgeon is extremely important and a mistake can bring more problems.


Can Hair Transplants Grow Long?


Yes, they can. Conceptually, it is the same hair you have on the back of your head. So, if your hair at the back can grow long, your new hair can grow long the same.


The length of your hair depends on the anagen phase. If your anagen phase is fast, your hair falls more frequently. That means, your hair falls before it can get very long and a new hair starts to grow.


Ultimately, you won’t have long hair because you keep regenerating your hair at a fast pace. But if your anagen phase is slow, you can get long hair without too much trouble.


Can Hair Transplants Be Done Twice?


Depending on your donor hair supply, your hair can be transplanted many times. As long as you have sufficient donor hair to be used for the procedure, you can keep having a new surgery.


However, you must be careful with your donor hair supply throughout your hair loss. Sometimes, patients don’t build a strategy and end up losing hair. When they want to get a new surgery, they can’t have it because they run out of donor hair.


Therefore, it is essential to build a strategy and have effective communication with the clinic you choose. This way, if a problem occurs, you have more grounds to claim your right.


Can Hair Transplants Cause Nerve Damage?


Yes, they can, but it is rarely seen. When extracting hair follicles or planting them, your surgeon will be working on a thin layer of your scalp. That is, where he conducts the surgery on is above the nerves and can’t damage them.


However, if the surgeon is not careful and goes very deep, or he puts way too much pressure, nerve damage may occur. But, with a fairly experienced surgeon, there is almost a zero possibility of that happening.


Can Hair Transplants Lower Hairline?


Yes, that is one of the reasons why hair transplants exist. With the first stages of the Norwood Scale, you begin losing hair from sides. Your hairline naturally positions higher and you might be uncomfortable with the new look.


A relatively small hair transplant surgery with around 2,000 grafts used can lower your hairline and give you an original look.


However, we strongly recommend reading this article about receding hairlines so that you are aware of many potential problems occur with receding hairline fix surgeries.

For More Information: Receding Hairline Fix Surgery: First Stages Of The Norwood Scale


FUT - FUE comparison and differences

Which Hair Transplant Method Is The Best?


The answer depends on your preferences. To find out which hair transplant technique is the best for you, there are things you need consider and decide.


For More Information: Best Hair Restoration Method: FUE vs. FUT


In the article above, we have compared the two major hair restoration methods in depth. You can see the advantages and disadvantages of each technique and make the decision after.


Neografts and combination of FUE and FUT are new alleged techniques. However, after intensive research, we concluded that these are not new techniques, but rather new ways to name the existing techniques.


In the article above, you can find more information about them.


Which Hair Clinic Is The Best?


The answer depends on your wishes and needs. Some hair clinics perform FUE procedures where the others conduct FUT. Some doctors choose to use grafts aggressively, others build a strategy and might even reject you if they think your case is not suitable for a procedure.


Moreover, some clinics use technicians and supervise the surgery while some clinics operate the procedure personally.


And of course, some clinics are very expensive and over-priced while others are cheap and under-priced. Best clinic wold a clinic where it fulfils your desires and wants the best.


If you rely on information online and choose a clinic based on the reputation without sufficient research, you might end up making a mistake and have to deal with your problem for a long time and spend excessively.


Who Is The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?


There is no best hair transplant surgeon. There is no best color or food. The word “best” implies it is accepted by everyone and hair transplants are aesthetical surgeries.


Therefore, the best surgeon is the surgeon whom you can afford, performs the surgery the way you want and need it and, delivers exactly as you agreed.


You can use before and after pictures of former patients to see his work. Or, you can check the activity of your surgeon with ISHRS and ABHRS. Those might give you the best idea who would be your ideal surgeon.


But again, we believe there is no best hair transplant surgeon.


When To Exercise After The Surgery


After two weeks would be a safe time. We recommend waiting at least three weeks to make sure the inner wounds are healed and you recovered enough that the high blood pressure and intense training doesn’t cause any micro bleeding.


It doesn’t mean that you can’t start before, but it would wiser to wait a little longer to make sure you don’t have any problems with your hair growth after all the troubles you had.


Considering all the time and effort and money you have put into this, it would be smart to just wait and guarantee there is no problem in the future.


When Should I Get A Hair Transplant Surgery?


We believe you should wait at least until you are 25 before you take any action. You might want to start with alternative methods such as Finasteride or Minoxidil before you move on to the surgery solutions.


Before you are 25, it is very risky to comment on your hair loss pattern. If your hair loss is past Norwood 5, then you might want to consult a few clinics to get an idea.


If you suffer from a receding hairline and want to lower it, then we recommend a little more patience.


If you get a hairline fix surgery, you use your donor hair supply in a very early stage of your life. If your hair loss progresses in time, you need second and third surgeries for the crown and the back of your head.


The fact that you lose your hair before you are 25 suggests that you have a bigger chance of losing a lot of your hair in the next decade. Therefore, it seems a little too risky.


But still, if you want to go on and get your hair transplants, we understand you. We would like to warn you about a potential problem though.


If you are still getting your hair transplants, make sure that your surgeon builds a very careful strategy so in the future, you have sufficient hair for next surgeries.


Because if he fails to do so, you will end up with a weird looking hair. The best thing you can do is, asking clinics for a detailed plan so even after years, you can follow it make sure no unexpected problems occur.


What Is A Hair Transplant Technique?


A hair transplant technique is the way the procedure is done. More accurately, the way donor hair is extracted. If your hair is harvested by strip method, then you are having a FUT type hair transplant surgery.


FUT method requires the surgeon to harvest hair follicles after cutting through the skin and collecting a linear scalp piece. After, he continues with collecting hair follicles from the skin piece and prepares them for the next stage.


On the other hand, the FUE method requires the surgeon to harvest hair follicles one by one, randomly in a selected area. These grafts are then used to fill the recipient area.


These two techniques are the major hair transplant techniques. All the other names you see online are either one of FUE or FUT or a combination of them. Currently, there is no other technique.


Hair Transplantation Cost main image for blog


What Does Hair Transplant Cost?


It can be anywhere between $1,000 and $50,000. The cost depends on your choices of clinic and technique. If you choose an expensive clinic and FUE technique, your cost will be very high.


Or, if you choose a cheap clinic and FUT method, then your cost will be low. The cost depends on the individuals only.

For More Information: Hair Transplant Costs: The Current Market Facts


Is There A Risk With The Hair Transplants?


Yes, there are some risks involved.


First, your hair type and scalp characteristics might not be suitable for a procedure. If you still have implants, you might end up having a very unnatural look.


Second, your hair transplant procedure might not be done properly, as a result, as this is a permanent surgery, you might have a bad look.


Third, you might get the perfect hair transplants, but after a while, if your hormone levels are unstable or, you have a stressful life, you might lose your new hair. Although that is very rare, still it must be considered.


Also, if you are not careful after surgery or, don’t follow your doctor’s instructions, you might have many different problems.


Are hair transplants worth it?


Are Hair Transplants Worth It?


The answer depends on your needs and choices. If you have bad hair transplants, then it is not worth it. We believe hair transplants are worth it only if you have them for the price you want, the way you want and as promised by the clinic.

For More Information: Are Hair Transplants Worth It? The Fear And Reward Equation


Above you can find our ideas about the topic, but briefly, hair transplants are worth it if you get what you want in the end with the optimal outcome.


ISHRS and ABHRS Societies of Hair Restoration Surgery


Are There Any Associations To Help Me?


Yes, there are. There are two types of organizations and this point is very critical.


ISHRS and ABHRS are two organizations, founded by hair transplant surgeons to improve standards in the industry and regulate rules. These two organizations can give you information about their members and help you understand if your doctor is really who he is.


And then there are other organizations, which are founded by some of the transplant surgeons. Problem with that is, they don’t function to improve anything in the hair society, and they seem to be only for marketing.


Even some surgeons in ISHRS and ABHRS are no longer a member in those organizations but keep their status on their websites as active for marketing purposes.


Therefore, it is essential that you check your doctor with ISHRS, and make sure that he is who he is.


For More Information: International And American Hair Loss Associations: The Role of ISHRS and ABHRS



Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices


Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices


Hair transplant cost in the UK and North America are what people are searching for the most these days. Roughly, 16 million people are suffering from hair loss. Naturally, this creates a huge market for hair restoration. And with the demand increasing, the price of per graft gets higher.


In the end, it is very difficult to find a clinic within your budget. Or is it? There are a couple of options you have even if you don’t have a five-figure budget.


Let’s see hair transplant costs in the UK and North America and what options you have.

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices UK flag

Hair Transplant Cost in the UK


Hair transplants can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $50,000 in American Dollars in the UK. This is a massive range. When there is so much difference between the low and high limits, people tend to need guidance. 


First, having a procedure with the least rate per graft doesn’t mean you will get bad hair. But it means, your chances of not having the look you want in the end is higher.


Furthermore, getting the most expensive procedure will not guarantee the best possible look, it means overall the clinic is more consistent with results. 


More importantly, no matter the cost, you are looking for a natural looking hair. It doesn’t matter if your procedure costs less if you are not satisfied with the results. Therefore, the first thing you should be looking for is the quality of the operation.


What happens if you don’t? Now, this is the painful part. If you can’t build an internal balance between cost and quality, you will end up either paying too much for what you were not looking for, or paying too little for the same ending.


Therefore, finding the right balance will get you to the right place in the end.


The Best Clinics In The UK

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices clinics

Now, we are going to announce the best clinics in the UK. There is none. As we explained from the beginning, there is no best clinic or list. If you see any lists or comparisons, stay away from there.


Someone can say a doctor is very successful because of that surgeon’s results. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the doctor is the ideal person for you. That is the key point.


Every clinic has their rate and then discounts. If we make a comparison of prices here, there is a high chance of making a mistake because you might get a better discount or no discount at all.


Therefore, we believe it is better to guide you to make your calculations for your unique case rather than just giving you numbers and names. That might seem easier for you, but in the end, things will get harder.

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices

How Do I Find The Best Price?


We believe in teaching people how to do it themselves. Because we have only one surgeon we can recommend. And there are thousands of people out there looking for a hair surgeon.


So, we can only solve a couple hundred peoples hair loss problem in a year. We want to help the remaining millions. that is why we will give you our method to calculate costs.


You begin with finding a lot of clinics from the areas you might be okay to travel to. If you don’t want to fly, then you would be looking for places around where you live.


You want to travel, then you select the countries first and then find clinics. This is where people make the mistake.


People generally find deals first. Either the price is too tempting or their desire to get hair transplants is too strong, they commit to a surgeon. We have seen many pictures of people’s hair with irrational, asymmetrical or not dense.


The common failure in all is that the patient started their journey from the wrong point. Naturally, that affects the outcome of your entire journey.


The Power Of The Right Path

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices Path

Our experience has shown that the optimal path begins with the country selection. If you want to get the procedure done in the UK or North America, your price is anywhere between $2,000 to $50,000.


If you are okay with traveling to other countries, Turkey and Brasil would be the second and third options. Their prices are between $1500 and $15,000.


If you want to pick Mexico or India, you are looking at between $1000 to $8000. Now, we give you a secret. If you compare prices, your expectation is the UK and the United States leads in quality.


And Mexico and India would preferably be the last choice. That is wrong.


Compared thousands of results and prices, we have seen the reality. There is a weak correlation between rate and result. In so many cases, the higher price doesn’t bring the best outcome. Similarly, a lot of cheap options provided the impressive outcomes.


We concluded, the price shouldn’t be the main component of your decision-making process. 

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices decision

Finding The Right Clinic


Finding the right clinic should be your beginning point. If you find a clinic with results satisfying results and affordable price, you are one step closer to success.


If you can validate the clinic, and make sure they are true to what they show online, you have found it. We must warn you though, there are only a few places like that and the rest is likely to turn out to be a deception. 


There is a second possibility, you find a clinic you like, but can’ afford it. It is okay. Even if you can’t go on with the process, at least you have a real example of what you are looking for. Your research is %95 complete.


You just need to find a similar place where probably the surgeon will have less experience or fame. 


There is one thing we want to warn you; that is, don’t get attached to your clinic before you know everything. In many cases, the patient gets attached to the clinic. Some of the patients get even protective about their surgeon.


That is a very important sign that you should slow down immediately. Being protective means you get attached to the idea that you are safe. In a market like this, you are never safe. In fact, now you are in more danger because your feelings got in the way.


You should shake off!


Remember Your Goal


Stick with your plan. If you don’t have a plan at the beginning, you are in danger. Because %80 of marketing out there is designed to go after you specifically.


Marketing people know that it is pointless to work toward people who have a plan, they are generally immune to the tactics.


However, that new patient who has just decided to get hair transplants, that is fresh meat. They know that their words can trigger feelings of that person. Once they get in your head, you will be pulled towards a mistake.


However, if you have a goal and plan at the beginning of your journey, you are immune.


Package deals, shock deals and, fancy new procedure names can’t affect you because you have already sufficient knowledge about everything and a solid plan.


 Hair transplant cost in UK


Why Clinic Comes First?


Because, if you find your ideal clinic, you will know that they won’t trick you. It is essential to understand the function of the clinic. It is not just a place you go to have your implants, no. 

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices whyA clinic represents many elements. These are our famous warnings. You need a confirmation on who will perform the surgery. If you are okay with a technician, then confirmation of that.


If you agree to pay for the surgeon, then that confirmation. If you don’t confirm that, the surgery day, you might end up devastated when you find out you paid for the technician and came all the way for that. 


The right clinic will make sure that your wishes come first. Your surgeon will listen to what’s on your mind and deliver that. If there is a problem with what you have asked, he will tell you why it shouldn’t be done.


Empathy is essential in your relationship. If you can’t communicate well then this whole thing will be problematic.


 When you find the right clinic, you will also have the support after your surgery. In most cases, after the surgery is completed, your communication with the clinic isn’t very effective. And sometimes that is because of the clinic’s ideology.


Other times, because they are very busy and understaffed. In both cases, this is not your problem. You are as important as the next patient in the line for a procedure after you. When you find your ideal clinic, that is no longer a problem.

Hair Transplant Cost UK & North America: How To Find Cheap Prices US flag

Hair Transplant Cost In North America


It is the same story. You can change the location as many times as you can, the answer is always the same. Cost should only be an idea. 


First, you should get an initial idea about the cost, then the next time you consider cost should be while negotiating the clinic. If you keep thinking about costs, you will prone to making mistakes.


Choosing Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

Earlier, we have written an article regarding the process of choosing your hair transplant surgeon. “How To Choose Your Hair Transplant Surgeon” helps you understand the process and guides you building your own strategy.


That guide is only a suggestion. Your case is unique and therefore, your strategy should be as well. 


What we try to achieve here is, creating awareness. The only way a market can correct itself is through educating the consumers. We purely believe the power of the consumer.


Thus, when you have a purchasing strategy, the cheap marketing tricks won’t work on you.


This means, clinics will give to perform better, marketers should advertise honestly. When that happens, the market becomes more useful for everyone.


Our sole intention is to never see a patient with over-harvesting again. Or, a patient traveling for hours to only find out he was cheated. 


And the only thing we can do is writing and hoping that you understand how valuable you are and you should learn to protect yourself. This way, when you see hair transplant costs in the UK, or Germany, or Morocco, you will think about clinics first.


When you do that, and the others follow, people won’t have to worry about anything anymore and the chaos in the market will be over.


We Hope


That by the end of this article, you feel better about your strategy. Because being aware of the threats and tricks, you have a better understanding of your journey.


We are sorry that we choose not providing you hair transplant costs in the UK with affordable prices. But this ay, after reading this article, you will no longer click for the prices but will click for the clinics.


Finding your hair transplant surgeon you can trust


Just in case you need a little information about how to find a surgeon you can trust, here is our story of how we found Kayihan Sahinoglu. We hope that this story helps you finding your surgeon you can trust. Because in the end, it makes the difference.


We hope that you stay strong through the process and focus on the most important details rather than swinging between different ideas.


The best we can recommend is, prioritizing the most significant step for you, and build your plan around it. If you need help achieving that, you can ask our team for anything, we are always around the help!


Good Luck!

Receding Hairline Fix Surgery: First Stages Of The Norwood Scale

Receding Hairline Fix Surgery: First Stages Of The Norwood Scale

Receding Hairline Fix Surgery: First Stages Of The Norwood Scale


Receding hairline fix surgery is the first step of hair transplants. Recently, in our article Norwood 6 Hair Transplants: Excellent Results Impossible, Or Myth?” we explained why Norwood 6 or beyond hair loss is not very different than earlier stages when your surgeon is good enough.


You can find any information you need if you fall into Norwood 6 and beyond in that article while now we will concentrate the earlier, beginning stage of hair loss. 


In general after the age of 25, sometimes earlier or later, people realize their hair recedes from sides or the center of the forehead. This is the first sign of hair loss in this individual’s life.


The speed of hair loss differs from person to person. Some people lose their hair very fast and need a hair transplant surgery very early. In most cases, these individuals are beyond Norwood 3 and aim for covering bald are mainly. 


However, the other individuals lose the hair very slowly, and it takes a long time for them to reach the third level of Norwood. Naturally, the problem of these people is a receding hairline.


Therefore, they need a hairline fix surgery to cover both sides of the forehead.


Importance of the Extraction Hairline

Potential Problems


When a Norwood 1-2-3 patient communicates a clinic, they ask for a hairline fix surgery. The thing with hair loss is, it might stop occasionally. It doesn’t have to be consistent.


Yet, people think that their hair loss has ceased. They start considering a hair transplant procedure.


In most cases when asked, they indicate their hair loss stopped. In other cases, the clinic doesn’t even ask, and they proceed with the operation.


After the procedure, for a while, everything seems perfect. The patient is delighted because of the new look. However, as time passes, hair loss starts again.


For some time, it is not visible, but as it continues, a void begins to appear. Now the patient has to do something to cover the void or use Finasteride or Minoxidil.


But the sad truth is, after that point, only a new hair transplant surgery can fix the problem.


Receding Hairline Fix Surgery Donor Hair (1)

Insufficient Donor Hair Supply


The void between the transplanted and original hair is a severe problem in the short term. But there is an even bigger problem which you will experience in the long term. That is insufficient donor hair supply.


Each individual has a certain amount of hair which qualifies as a donor. Unfortunately, not all the hair can be used for hair transplants.


This means each individual has 4500-5500 grafts in their donor pool. Multiplied by 3, the number of donor hair follicles are around 15,000. 


The chances are high that, your hair loss will continue past Norwood6. Now you might be a Norwood 2; someday you might become Norwood 7. This is the critical part.


Even when you have the maximum amount of hair follicles for transplants, that is still not enough the cover the entire scalp. You will have to sacrifice an area.


If you get the hairline fix surgery, then you will use up to 2000 grafts from your pool. The remaining 3000 is not sufficient to cover your entire scalp. 


Receding Hairline Fix Surgery Long term

You Have To Think About Long Term


With 3000 left, after 10-20 years, you will have the crown and the back to cover. It won’t be possible. That means either your back will be bald, or your top. Both cases you will have a problem.


We believe with the first hair loss, each individual should learn about the process and options. There is no single truth for all. Everyone has a unique ideal for this journey.


But the sooner you start learning, the better your chances for handling the situation right.


It is essential to plan ahead while considering the first steps. You have a problem, and it needs fixing the right way. Otherwise, you will keep having new issues to fix.


You might think in twenty years there will be new solutions so you will probably be okay. Since the first FUT surgery in the early 1990s, it was everyone’s idea. In thirty years, only FUE method could be developed.


We all hope that there will be a new way one day that will save us from hair loss problem, but for now, you will have to be smart about it. Otherwise, you will have a significant problem in the future.



Before After Pictures Kayihan Sahinoglu Hair TransplantsBefore After Pictures Kayihan Sahinoglu Hair Transplants


Success Of Hairline Fix Surgeries

Warning you about the potential problems is our duty. However, it is your decision, and if you want to get the hairline fix surgery anyways, then you need information about results.


Even people know the risks, they still go ahead and get the surgery done. This is perfectly normal.


The bright side of this kind of procedures is the success rate. Compared to a Norwood 6 operation which involves twice as many grafts, Norwood 1-2-3 has a higher success rate.


Norwood 6 restoration surgery requires both aesthetic work and dense look. The surgeon deals with twice as many grafts and has two goals to achieve. But in hairline fix surgeries, the objective is to make the hairline look original.


A delicate and dedicated work is still needed; however, the doctor can only focus on one area. Naturally, the chance of having a natural hairline, in the end, is significantly more.


But don’t let this fact tempt you. The skill and experience are still essential. Working with fewer grafts doesn’t mean an easier procedure. It means the surgeon has to perform even better.


Because it is easier to spot an error after these surgeries. Attention to detail is more vital. Even if there is a small mistake, it ruins the entire look. Therefore, these type of surgeries is harder for the surgeon as the risks of failure is more.


Receding Hairline Fix Surgeries Infograph

Factors Reducing Chances Of Natural Look


If you have decided to have a hairline fix surgery, congratulations! But now you have to be very careful. Because the risk of failure increased, these things are more important.

  • The quality of extraction
  • Skill and experience of the surgeon
  • History of hair loss in the family
  • Lifestyle and stress


Best Hair Restoration Method: FUE vs. FUT

The Quality Of Extraction


Any mistake, even if tiny, can affect the outcome. The most common thing is after the surgery, because of an error, the patient has to adapt living with it the rest of his life.


When the hairline is asymmetrical, or there is uneven density, you might become obligated to use your hair in a certain length.


Just like the FUT method where you have to hide your linear scar, now you will have to hide the mistake. In some cases it can be repaired by the doctor; still, it is a lot of effort and stress.


In procedure with higher extraction quality, we see less of these problems. Because the quality of extraction affects the results significantly, a properly extracted hair is harder to look bad.


Therefore, it is essential for your surgeon to perform exceptionally while harvesting. If he extracts perfect, you will have a higher chance of a natural look.


Skill And Experience Of The Surgeon


This is very straightforward, the more skill and experience bring a more natural looking hairline. It is sufficient to have a surgeon with enough experience to visualize the best possible look.


Adding the talent to make it happen, you will have what you seek.


The critical thing here is consistency. Our view for technician use is clear; hair restoration society needs its surgeons to achieve the highest standards.


Technician involvement slows down the process. In this case, the problem with technician-handled surgery is the consistency.


When technicians extract or plant hair, they do it in a pattern. Now, when there is a risk with only one person conducting the surgery, it is now doubled with technicians.


Moreover, the quality of work drops because of lack of experience even if there is the skill. 


You might get a perfect hairline surgery with a technician performance. But that means you are just lucky. Because both the math and logic say, you are reducing your chances. We see so many impressive results of technician work.


However, there is rarely consistency. Unfortunately, mistakes happen more than they should.


History of Hair Loss In The Family


You don’t necessarily lose hair the same age your father did. Genetics are important, but it is not easy to know whose genetics you acquired. Looking at the hair loss pattern in your family can give you an idea about possibilities.


You can guess what your hair loss will be like.


In some cases, you get the majority of hair genes from one side of your parent, that is why your hair loss is almost identical to that person in your family. However, if the gene comes from both sides, it is harder for you to guess it.


Informing your surgeon about the pattern in your family is useful. It gives you an idea for when you should have the surgery. If your pattern suggests you will keep losing hair, there is no point in fixing your hairline.


Soon, you will need another surgery, and eventually, you will have no donor hair left for the future. Therefore, you can use the pattern of hair loss in your family to your advantage.



Lifestyle and Stress


You are in charge of a company where you control thousands, millions of dollars. Or you manage a department where there is constant change in the market, and you have to solve problems all the time.


You might be a rock star, partying all the time and performing.


The stress and lifestyle are essential when you consider a hairline fix surgery. Stress and fast lifestyle lead to faster hair loss. 


If you maintain your life the way it is, then you should reconsider a hairline fix procedure. Because of the higher chance of losing hair, you are a candidate for a second and third operation.


Considering you have responsibilities that you can’t leave, your hair restoration journey might become painful.


We recommend everyone to be ready to adapt their mindset while changing the way they look. The outcome will be even better!


Finding your hair transplant surgeon you can trust


Finding Your Ideal Surgeon


We believe if you are sure about getting your hairline fixed, it is essential to find your ideal surgeon. We understand your wish to improve your look. In this case, your relationship with your doctor will be very long-lasting.


Probably, you will get the second operation and eventually, the third.


Then, if you find your ideal surgeon the first time, you don’t have to worry about the rest any longer. 


After the hairline fix, you will keep in contact with your surgeon and will be asking his opinion periodically. When the hair loss moves towards your crown, you will probably start considering the second fix.


If you have an excellent communication with your doctor, this whole process will be very smooth. But if you make a mistake the first time, then you will have to start over the second time.


Therefore, we highly recommend doing extensive research and making the decision only after you consider everything thoroughly.


Here is a guide you can use to find your ideal surgeon. If you need help along the way, we will be here to help you.


Good Luck!

Are Hair Transplants Worth It? The Fear And Reward Equation

Are Hair Transplants Worth It? The Fear And Reward Equation

Are Hair Transplants Worth It? The Fear And Reward Equation


Are hair transplants worth it? This question is reasonably popular among folks who are just beginning their hair transplant journey. We are all the same; the cost-effective ratio is our defensive wall against all the chaos out there. Naturally, marketers out there will try their best to sell you their product or service.


And you will want to protect yourself by making your calculations. What we have discovered so far is, if you find your ideal surgeon, hair transplants are worth the trouble.


Let’s explain this further.


are hair transplants worth it? Consumer Behavior


Consumer Behavior


Probably by now, you have realised that any time you consider buying something, your brain starts using the same protocols. There is an equation coded in your mind which is a guide for the decision-making process.


This equation is straightforward, for the price offered, will the product I purchase solve my problem? This is the simple cost-effectiveness equation.


When the price starts to increase and surpass the limit, your attention rises as well. The value of the product changes for you. Therefore you compare more things.


On top of that, your emotions begin to affect your decision. It is no longer a simple equation, but a balance of many different factors. 


Hair transplant procedure is a costly method of restoration. Not only financially, but also time and energy-wise you will have to invest a lot. Naturally, it will be harder to maintain the balance while making the calculations.


Especially fear and panic will challenge your reasoning and increase the possibility of a mistake. This is very normal.



are hair transplants worth it? Consumer Behavior panic and fear


Panic and Fear In Hair Transplant Journey


While surfing through forums and websites, we have seen a lot of negative reviews. Specifically, some clinics and individuals target these feelings. Naturally, it is easier to sell you something when you are emotional. The panic and fear lead to the need for a fast solution.


To tackle the uncertainty and negative emotions, individuals become more eager to choose something to feel better. Eventually, they end up devastated.


The most important thing is, understanding that it is not only the marketers fault but you have some degree of responsibility in this as well. Because they offer you something and try to make you feel overwhelmed.


If you can stay calm and process everything with optimum speed, you will dodge their offers. However, if you let your feelings disorient your reason, you will only feel good for a brief while.


It comes to the second aspect of psychology. Individuals tend to feel negative once their initial perception or decision is negative. Similar to hotels where if the door person smiles and acts sincere, your overall satisfaction from your stay will improve.


But if the person is not kind and welcoming, even when everything else is perfect, you won’t feel comfortable. So, if your first decision comes from negative emotions rather than your reasoning, your overall experience will likely to be less favourable.


Second Alternative: Reason


Unlike letting emotions get in the way, relying on your reasoning will improve the outcome. The first step is awareness of the threats. Once you start reading different sources, it is useful to remind yourself each deal may be a trap.


As a result, instead of falling for wrong deals, you can keep searching and learning more. 


The second step is, giving this process some time. A lot of people jump to the last step and finalise their decision. If you are investing this much, it is wiser to take the process slower. You can even look back to your history.


How many times have you rushed and regretted the results? Maybe you bought a car and realised there was a better option or deal. Or maybe you bought flight tickets and found out there was a better option on the other website.


In these cases, not relaxing hurts you the most. We know that you have waited a very long time and it took a lot of courage to finally make this decision. But it won’t hurt to wait just a little longer.


Because the answer to the first question is partially this, hair transplants are worth it if everything goes smooth. 


are hair transplants worth it? Consumer Behavior panic and fear Two scenarios


Two Scenarios


The first scenario is what we see the most in the industry and will implement real experiences in it. And the best part is, you are the lead character!


You have decided that your hair loss stopped and it is time to change the way you look. That has been bothering you for so long. That’s why you are excited to have started. You asked a bunch of people around and then surfed the internet.


You have seen a lot of names and clinics. You have realised a lot of countries offer alternatives. You checked the forums and witnessed a lot of different opinions about the same subject. You are confused.

There is chaos and uncertainty. You want to make the right choice, but you don’t know who to trust. For some reason, a very cheap deal catches your attention. Although you see both positive and negative things, the deal is too good.


Somethings are bothering you, but you still choose to take the deal. The more you read and search, the more confused you get anyways.


And now you felt for the first time that you are losing your will to have the hair transplant surgery. That’s why you instinctively rush and book your procedure.


The Other Path


The second scenario is what we usually see every day in positive hair transplant experiences. Now everything has begun the same. You have received an offer from a clinic. You liked it but decided to keep looking around.


You thought “If they offer this now, they will offer it again somewhere else.” You kept looking at different surgeons’ websites and reviews. Finally, you have seen something that matches what you need and want. You asked for a consultation. 


After consulting different clinics, you have successfully figured out what would be the best strategy for your situation and what you exactly need. After considering your options, you have chosen a surgeon that fits what you want the best.



 are hair transplants worth it Follicular Unit Extraction post surgery cropped (1)


Are Hair Transplants Worth It?


Now, if we ask you if it was worth to have hair transplants, what would be your answer? For each scenario, you must have felt two different emotions. When you fantasised both paths, which one is more likely to get you to what you want?


If the question is, “In which scenario you think you will end up satisfied?” what do you think your response will be?


Both answers would depend on the strategy you have. Your plan comes from your logic. Therefore, hair transplants are worth it if you use your logic and stay calm while evaluating different options.


Visualising your path and asking yourself questions is essential for achieving the best possible outcome. And that is only possible if you have enough information. Without the knowledge, you will be blind in this journey.


Eventually, you will lose your way, and that is less likely to get you to your goal.


Reward Is Through Logic


The typical story behind a successful hair transplant procedure is about the logic. It is challenging to stay focused on this journey.


We know this is different than buying a car or flight ticket. A mistake of purchasing a ticket, you will lose money or time, but the way you look will remain the same.


But if you make a mistake choosing your hair transplant surgeon, the consequences might be permanent. 


Don’t worry; you can always have a second or third surgery to fix the initial error. However, the whole point of why we exist is to help you avoid making that first mistake.


Because if you avoid that first mistake, there won’t be a second time. In the end, it will be worth having hair transplants.


Finding your hair transplant surgeon you can trust

Finding A Hair Surgeon You Can Trust


Earlier in the article “How To Find A Hair Surgeon You Can Trust”, we provided information about how we found our doctor we recommend. You can read the article to understand our logic and use it to create your own. 


Our strategy was finding a doctor who is professional and caring. Because we knew if he is professional, he won’t do anything to jeopardize his profession and career.


If he is caring, then we know he will do whatever necessary to show the same level of service to each patient. In the end, each patient will remember their hair transplant journey as a good memory. That is how we want to be recognized.


Our strategy will be different than yours because our needs are different. If you start your research by identifying your needs, you will be closer to success. You need to have hair transplants for the lowest possible price; then you will follow that path.


If you need the most natural look, you will try to make decisions based on that. But in either way, your chance of success will improve because you have identified your need in the beginning.


Finding A Doctor Understanding Your Needs


If you have successfully determined your needs, all you need to do is finding the surgeon who respects that. Trust comes from mutual understanding.


It might be difficult for you to be sure if your doctor is from another country because of the distance. We have prepared a checklist for this instances.




Received confirmation about the method, cost and person performing the surgery.

  • I know what I want from the procedure and am perfectly capable of telling it to anyone.
  • I checked the reviews of valid forums and websites to make sure there is consistency.
  • My consultation e-mail is very detailed, clearly explains what I want and asking how it can be done.
  • The pictures of my hair are attached in the e-mail, and the photos show different angles.
  • My surgeon has agreed to deliver what I want, at the price we agreed, and the way I want it.
  • Surgeon’s explanation matches with what the other doctors said about my case.
  • Received confirmation about the method, cost, and person performing the surgery.


Significance Of The Checklist


Completing this checklist doesn’t mean everything is going to be excellent. It does not guarantee success; it improves your chances of achieving your goals in your journey.


However, if you have everything checked here, you have a very decent chance that it will be worth it in the end.


The most important aspect of all these is communication with the clinics. 


You are making a deal with your surgeon, and it is essential that both parties fulfill their responsibilities. In this sense, your e-mails are physical proof of your agreement. If there is nothing vague on there, you will have more confidence in your commitment.


But if things like graft number or who performs the surgery are uncertain, you will have less chance of fixing problems.


Therefore, it is essential that the whole conversation is clear and confirmation present. No one would want to take a chance with the agreement.


That is why if you read it carefully, you will quickly notice if a doctor’s responses are honest, or there is something fishy about it.




This article can alone help you succeed to spot any ambiguity and save you from a lot of trouble. Staying calm and following a step by step approach is beneficial. It doesn’t have to be our way; please find your way because you know you the best.


We try to provide a roadmap which is easy to convert for each unique situation. With some luck and research, you will have everything the way you desire and will be able to say hair transplants are worth it.


Good Luck!

International And American Hair Loss Associations: The Role of ISHRS and ABHRS

International And American Hair Loss Associations: The Role of ISHRS and ABHRS

International And American Hair Loss Associations: Who are ISHRS and ABHRS?


A lot of people realize that after they decide to have the hair transplant procedure, there is chaos everywhere. Clinic websites have different designs and offer, but it is hard to trust information on a random website. After all, hair transplant journey is a long journey.


There are agencies too but the problem is the same, these are all on the selling/profit side. You need someone objective to help you through the decision making process. This is where ISHRS and ABHRS come to aid. But what are they?


ISHRS and ABHRS are two organizations, one international, one American. They are both non-profit organizations and aim to help people with hair loss and restoration. 


A Brief Historyof Hair transplants

Why Were They Needed?


Hair loss was a significant problem for a lot of people. With the increasing life-quality of the society, a need for preventing hair loss was present. The high-stressful jobs and lives we have caused us to lose more hair. Therefore, people started looking for ways to stop it.


In some cases, there was not any hair left to protect from the loss. For them, hair regrowth was necessary. These problems led doctors to start looking for solutions.  Many different ideas and inventions were in the market to solve hair loss problem. 


In the 1990s, the need for hair restoration led to the invention of the FUT technique. The surgeons were using hair implants to fill the bald area with hair follicles.


This new technology spread fast across the world. Many doctors from the different countries begun performing FUT operation. 


Eventually, the FUT method was a significant solution to solve the hair loss problem permanently.


However, this created a need for establishing the highest standards in the hair restoration society. In 1993, some pioneer surgeons in this idea formed the ISHRS organization. 


Mini ISHRS logo hair transplant organization

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery


The idea behind this organization was, educating its doctors with new technologies and inventions so that the people suffering from hair loss could receive the highest possible outcome from the surgery.


They believe that this is only possible through educating their surgeons constantly. Consistent researching and development is ISHRS vision for its member surgeons.


Naturally, ISHRS has requirements for its surgeon to participate in congresses and researches frequently while performing the surgery personally. In each conference, the doctors from all around the world meet in one city.


For almost a week, participants demonstrate their inventions or techniques so that the doctors can perform it in their countries. The members present innovations in hair loss and restoration.


ISHRS has a critical mission. The organization aims to educate and protect consumers about the increasing numbers of unlicensed personnel or physicians with minimal training worldwide performing hair restoration surgery.


They want to inform patients about the dangers of medical tourism, and the importance of consumers researching a qualified hair transplant surgeon (ishrs.org).


Dangers Of Medical Tourism


We witnessed hundreds of patients each month suffering from the issues with the medical tourism. Especially in some countries, the share of the black market and technician use are increasing.


Some clinics and doctors aim to increase revenues. One of the ways for doing so is hiring technicians. They believe teaching the hair transplant procedure to an ordinary person and supervising that individual is sufficient.


The idea behind this strategy is to have multiple surgeries a day meaning various revenues a day. From a business point of view, this is maximizing profits.


ISHRS aims to stop this, and they do not accept any of their members’ activities involving these. If a doctor chooses not to follow this rule, the committee expels the individual.


ISHRS believes a doctor should be ethical, and loyal to their oath. Because usually when the patients complain about their surgery, we generally see technician involvement.


Imagine the outcome of operation when there is a risk even with a very experienced surgeon. Even the best surgeons make mistakes. Now, imagine a technician is the one performing everything.


Even when the surgeon supervises it, can he stop a mistake before it happens? 


Black Market


There is something even worse than technician involvement. That is the black market. Some people don’t want to pay a large amount of money for hair transplants.


Or they care about the financial part of the surgery more than the outcome. People in the market who are aware of this sad fact buy the equipment necessary for the procedure and perform it themselves. 


A lot of people don’t believe that such a thing exists. But the ugly truth is, it does.


The black market increased significantly in the latest years and became an essential topic in ISHRS. Today, ISHRS actively fight the black market to protect the patients.



ISHRS logo

Fellow Members


In 25 years, ISHRS expelled many of its members for not complying with the rules. But still, there was an issue with the current members; some doctors joined ISHRS only for the benefits.


Because it is the most reputable organization within the hair restoration society, doctors wanted to convert this into profits.


By doing the bare minimums, they stayed active members in the community and kept their certificates. Also, some other doctors wanted to be active, but either they couldn’t find time to participate more or afford the expenses, they stayed less active.


This led to a need for a higher class of members so that the people could distinguish the active and honorable members more easily. Therefore, ISHRS introduced its fellow members to the society.


ISHRS Quote: 

In order to be considered, the hair restoration surgeon must achieve a specific level of points in a system of various educational parameters such as serving in leadership positions, American Board of Hair Restoration (ABHRS) certification, writing of scientific papers, teaching at scientific programs, among others.

It is a great honor for a member to achieve the Fellow designation of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS). This recognizes the surgeon who strives for excellence in this specialized field. To maintain this status, the surgeon must continue to meet established educational criteria over time.” 


This new class of surgeons within the organization ensured the highest standards possible for the hair restorations society. The most important reason is, these fellow members have to participate the community actively.


They have to score a minimum of points continually. Otherwise, they are no longer fellow members. These members host workshops and teach the new generation about the best hair transplant techniques. 


The fellow members also need American Board Certificate, so this brings us to the ABHRS.


Mini ABHRS logo hair transplant organization


American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery


The United States market share in hair restoration is 5 billion dollars. This is more than the total market size of the rest of the world. Naturally, this created a need for the United States focused organization.


Therefore, the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery was founded by the American ISHRS surgeons to examine the doctors in the area.


This organization helps the patients from the United States to continuously get the highest standard procedures from the doctors. 


This means that the doctors who are members of this organization need to follow ISHRS rules. Also, you can assume a fellow member has the ABHRS certificate automatically as it is a requirement for being a FISHRS.


People often refer to ABHRS as an American hair loss association but actually, they concentrate more on to the improving the standards for the hair restoration.


ABHRS try to make sure the surgeons follow the rules of their practice to increase the hair transplant standards. 



The Importance of ISHRS and ABHRS


ISHRS and ABHRS are more than hair loss associations. With the first FUT operation in the 1990s, the evolution of hair transplants has begun.


In time, a new and advanced way was founded, and the society called it FUE. Now, surgeons from all over the world try to find new ways to perform the surgery.


You might have heard of bio-grafts or neo-grafts, which are the same as the FUE technique only with some small differences. In the future, more new methods and innovation will be explored.


Adding the development speed of technology these days, it seems like we will have new inventions more often.


On top of that, the population is multiplying faster, and the need for hair restoration increases exponentially. With more demand, more people will join the market from different sides.


And not all of them will have positive intentions. All these reasons will make it essential for ISHRS and ABHRS to control the process. Not only control, but they will also need to guide it so that the optimum results can be achieved.


How To Use These Associations Effectively


So, these organizations try to make things safer and better for you. But they actually can help you make your decision. ISHRS and ABHRS are like a massive library dedicated to hair loss and restoration.


Not using their knowledge to your advantage can be a significant loss. We know it is sometimes challenging to find things online. And we also know you don’t have much time to read everything, evaluate and make the decision.


However, the entire idea here is, helping you find your strategy in this. From a business point of view, it is not smart to give you any advice. It might come back in unexpected ways.


We would prefer you make your strategy, and after the outcome is great, you take the credit for it.


Similarly, ISHRS and ABHRS want the patients to know about each doctor and clinic. They want you to know what to expect from your doctor.


You might think a member of these organizations would be more expensive, but there is a surgeon for every kind of budget in their organizations. And the best part is, it is for free.


Even if you believe you find your surgeon, getting a confirmation from these organizations would be wise. You may find out that your surgeon is just like you thought he is. Or you might find out there is doubt the way he operates. They can help you make a better decision.


Personal Experience vs. Information


Ultimately, you will be making the decision. The thing with the internet is, it contains both the personal experiences and information. And most of the time, they don’t match.


You read something excellent but then realize people’s experiences were different. Then it makes it difficult for you to choose because what is more important, experience or information?


You surf the forums and see a lot of information about the same doctor. Some approved him while the others complain. Then you see actual results where some look great while the others are not natural.


This is where these organizations step in, if you ask them, they will give you the accurate information. In a lot of forums and on the websites of individuals an ISHRS or ABHRS certificate is present, but is it valid? 


The bottom line is, the internet is instrumental if you can find the relative and right information. However, many people end up finding fraudulent information and regret the outcomes eventually.


With more research and active cooperation with these organizations, you can significantly increase the quality of the results. There is always a chance of failure and sadly today is about reducing that chance.



Here Is A Guide For You Which Can Help You Choosing Your Surgeon


Good Luck!

Hair Transplant In Turkey: Costs And More

Hair Transplant In Turkey: Costs And More


Hair Transplant In Turkey: Costs and More


The hair transplant market in Turkey expands significantly each year. Since 2011, the political issues of the country devalued the Turkish Lira almost %400. This naturally created many opportunities for foreign people.


One of the opportunities was in the hair transplants in Turkey. The problem with the hair transplants in other countries is, it is expensive.


On top of that, the quality of the surgery is not higher than Turkey. In fact, many clinics in Turkey are very successful and their results prove it. However, it doesn’t apply for every hair transplant in Turkey.


Let’s get into the details.


How Did Turkey Become So Popular?


Turkey has always been proud of its doctors. It is almost a tradition in Turkey that being a doctor is a very important goal for the children. And one day when these kids achieve it, they are not afraid to improve themselves.


Most of the doctors try really hard to find solutions to the problems.


What makes them different is, Turkish doctors constantly look for new ways to solve the problems when others think there is no solution.


This innovation culture in medicine makes doctors popular in many areas such as dentists, plastic surgeons, and hair restoration doctors. 


With its doctor steadily improving and contributing positively to the industry, the Turkish Lira’s fall is the other side of the story.


Because of the political instability, Turkey experienced a significant loss in its currency and still suffers from the recession.


This created an excellent opportunity for people who were willing to restore their hair but couldn’t afford it before. In a short amount of time, Turkey became a paradise for these people.


Low prices combined with high-quality doctors to create a great alternative to the local doctors. With the many successful results, Turkey took its rightful place in the hair transplant world.




Hair Transplant In Turkey Revenue of the Surgeon

Hair Transplant Costs In Turkey


With the success of its surgeons and the quality of the facilities, Turkey positioned itself as the second biggest hair transplant market in the world, according to the reports.


The total market value of hair transplants in Turkey approaches to the billion level fast.


The more exciting thing is, despite the market size, the cost of the hair transplant is very cheap compared to the United States and the UK. 


And the reason is straightforward, because of the devaluation of Turkish Lira, the equation of the hair transplant is the graft price times the number of grafts times the currency.


Price per Graft x The Number of Grafts x The Currency Rate= The Revenue of The Surgery


Now let’s say you need 4000 grafts and the price of each graft is a dollar. You pay your surgeon 4000 dollars plus whatever expenses you have for flight tickets and accommodation.


Compared to the average you would pay in the United States or the UK $15,000, you spend almost one third. This is a win for you.


You might wonder why does the surgeon accept to do that, the answer is because it is also a win for him too. You pay him $4000, this makes more than 20,000 Turkish Liras.


As it seems like a huge amount, don’t let the numbers confuse you. The doctor’s ability to buy is less than his American colleague because of the inflation.


Still, as the surgery gets more expensive for the Turkish people, it gets cheaper for the foreign people. Therefore the surgeon needs the foreign demand and it is a win for him.


The Costs of The Turkish Hair Transplant Surgeons


When there is a win-win situation like this, it is natural that both parties enjoy it. But this advantage doesn’t still make it easier for patients to choose their surgeon.


After seeing before after photos and comparing the prices, there is still an issue of trust. Let’s explain it a little further.


Opportunists and The Black Market


There is a problem in this market. If you were reading different resources, by now you probably realized there are many sad stories people experienced.


At this point we must say this, the market in Turkey may not always be safe. And the reason is the low costs itself.


When the price drops too low, there is always a risk of having a problem. In any industry, it is the same. But when it comes to the health, it is irreparable.


Once you make the mistake, it takes a lot more energy and money to fix the initial mistake. Therefore, we always recommend: Do it right, do it once.


The low prices don’t necessarily mean you will get into trouble, in fact, you may still get a very natural looking hair. However, this is taking a risk. 


Mini ISHRS logo hair transplant organization


ISHRS And The Extraction


ISHRS is working very hard to stop the black market. In each conference, they try to find solutions on this issue. ISHRS’ main goal is for its surgeons to perform the surgery personally without using the technicians.


The reason is, especially if you are having an FUE hair transplant surgery, the extraction part is very important.


We explained this in our earlier article “FUE Hair Transplant and the Importance of The Extraction” but briefly, each successful extraction of the hair follicle adds to the overall success of the surgery.


In addition, it increases the chance of having a natural look after the surgery. 


A lot of people who chose Turkey for their hair transplant procedure complained. They claimed that the surgeon didn’t perform the surgery, but rather technicians conducted it.


For some people, this might not matter as long as the results look good. However, when the results are not satisfying, naturally the patient complains about the technician involvement. 


Thus, you might want to decide first if you are okay with the technician involvement. If you want to find a doctor who doesn’t use a technician, you might want to look for specifically this.


ISHRS doctors are obligated to perform the surgery individually and therefore checking your doctor’s activity status with them through their website might help. This would help you protecting from getting into anything you don’t want.

Types of Clinics And Pricing


Once you make your decision, you will start seeing different prices for each clinic and doctor. Mainly, there are two different strategies.




The first type of pricing for hair transplants in Turkey is the packages. Hospitals and less experienced surgeons choose this strategy. The idea is selling the service at a low price to gain experience in the area.


People usually complain that the hospital surgeons lack the aesthetical touch and even if the hair transplants are very durable, the look might not be very natural. 


Similarly, the inexperienced young surgeon might not get you the best look. But they are still very skillful and can do a great job nonetheless. The prices are between $1500-2500 for the packages, and they include the flight tickets and accommodation as well.


Rate-Based Clinics


The other type of pricing is the per graft rate based pricing strategy. This pricing is the strategy of more experienced and famous surgeons in Turkey.


They generally set a fixed price for per graft and might help you with the accommodation. They usually don’t get involved in the flight tickets. 


The strategy is for the patient to ask for a free consultation. These clinics would like first to see the patient and determine the graft number. In some clinics tough, the surgeon might not want to do the surgery and decline the patient.


When the patient’s hair and scalp characteristics are not fit for an operation, they explain the reason and offer alternative methods. 


These kind of surgeons are more experienced and professional. Therefore the chances of a natural look are higher if you are suitable for a hair transplant procedure.


The price variety is higher in this type. It changes between 50 cents to $3 per graft. The numbers might vary slightly depending on your unique case. 


hair transplant in turkey cost guarantees nothing


Price Might Not Mean Better Transplants


When you compare the prices, remembering this is crucial. A high rate doesn’t mean the surgeon performs the entire surgery personally or will get the best results.


Meanwhile, the cheapest option could have the surgeon conducting the procedure personally and may get you the best result. We have prepared something for you which might help you find a surgeon you can trust.


“How To Find A Hair Surgeon You Can Trust” might help you decide your strategy while you choose your surgeon. 




More Reasons To Choose Turkey


It seems very reasonable for people to choose Turkey as their hair transplant destination. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey is very fair if you can manage to find a doctor you can trust.


However, it is not just about the prices and quality. Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and Turkish Lira’s weakness presents a fantastic opportunity for outsiders.


You will spend at least 5 days in Turkey through the process. You will be resting after the surgery but then you will want to go out and see a new place. Istanbul or Ankara, you will have plenty of options to choose from.


If you like history, Turkey is a country of history. If you want to see some art, it is there. If you want to go shopping, there are a lot of shopping malls and places.


The best part in all of this is, whatever you do when you spend money, it will be cheap for you. It takes a long time for the market to correct prices and when you are there, you will be enjoying the power of your money.


The FUE method hair transplants’ recovery speed is fast, and the post-surgery pain is not much. This means that with extra care, you can visit places you are curious about while healing.


Since the prices are cheap for you, you can visit nearby destinations for meager prices while you are there. If you have time, you can go a few days earlier before your surgery and visit places with a limited budget. 


Health tourism is prevalent these days in Turkey. It could be a good idea to take advantage of the destination and make the most out of it.


Finding a hair surgeon you can trust do it right the first time

Do It Right, Do It Once


Ultimately, this is the idea. Hair transplant cost in Turkey makes it an essential alternative if you like to pay considerably less.


However, this comes with a risk; if you end up with the wrong surgeon, this whole thing can turn into a mess quickly.


Therefore, we always recommend very thorough research before making any decisions. If you make a mistake, it will cost you more time and money in the end. 


Given the fact that everyone is so busy these days, this increases the number of complaints after surgery. Most of the time, it is because the patient rushes and misses the point.


Therefore no matter how busy you are and how good the offer is, not rushing and giving yourself some time before making the final decision is essential.


Because most of the times we think something makes sense the moment, but when we wait for a while for the emotions to sit, we realize it was just a temporary feeling. But, if you think your decision is still the final after a while, then go for it.


In the end, this is your decision and your hair. All we can do is to hope that you find your ideal surgeon. And we will be here to help you while you do that.


Meanwhile, we hope that you have more information about the hair transplant cost in Turkey now. If you need more help, just let us know.


Good Luck!